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The Coaching Process

Zen Stones
WisdomWork Coaching helps you get what you want by employing our unique three-step WisdomWork Coaching Process: Clarity, Alignment, and Flow.


CLARITY focuses on goal-setting. Utilizing gentle inquiry, reflection, and a variety of presence practices, we help you break through the barriers of outdated thoughts and behavior and connect with your inner wisdom. Once connected to your inner wisdom and your truth, we begin establishing clear goals based on who and what you want and need to be, do, and have. 

ALIGNMENT focuses on strategic planning. Utilizing exercises, deep reflection, visioning, and presence practices, we guide you through the creation of an action plan that is ecological with your environment and completely aligned with your core beliefs, values, identity, and purpose. 

FLOW focuses on dealing with obstacles. Flow acknowledges that the obstacles that appear on the path to your goals are merely grist for the mill of your life journey. Through deep reflection, presence practices, and energy techniques, Flow teaches you how to use the energy of any obstacle to work through unconscious fears, negative thoughts, and old, unproductive patterns of behavior.


The Next Step

You have three options:

Option 1: Complete the contact form and we will be in touch as quickly as possible.

Option 2: Simply book a free 45-minute exploratory consultation online. 

Option 3: Simply book a one-hour phone consultation ($100).

(The one-hour consultation is primarily for people who want clarity about a very specific situation and would rather approach their WisdomWork one session at a time. It's the perfect way to experience coaching without making a commitment. By the way, the 1-hour consultation is free if you purchase a package within one week after the consultation.)


All coaching is delivered via phone or Skype.

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