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Zen Stones

Reset Your Relationship IQ: 

Learn How To Release The Past,
Upgrade Your Relationship Intelligence, And
Manifest More Satisfying Relationships

12-Week Online Course 


Learn how to:

  • Have less or no emotional attachment to past relationships

  • Know how to work with your survivor

  • Know your core needs and how to communicate them appropriately and effectively

  • Know your love languages and how to communicate them

  • Know how to identify people who are in alignment with your deepest self

  • Have a way of reality-checking your expectations

  • Know your relationship dynamics tendencies and can recognize when you are self-sabotaging

  • Know how different power dynamics influence relationships and you feel comfortable discussing them

  • Be connected with the wisdom of the Essential Self and know how to be in alignment

  • Practice unconditional self love

Course Syllabus:

Week 1:   Understanding Relationship IQ

Week 2:   Survival Strategies I

Week 3:   Survival Strategies II

Week 4:   Core Needs

Week 5:   Getting Closure

Week 6:   Love Languages

Week 7:   Relationship Focus

Week 8:   Expectations

Week 9:   Relationship Dynamics

Week 10: Aligning with the Essential Self

Week 11: Unconditional Self Love

Week 12: Recap and Next Steps

Additional Support:

Weekly Online Group Coaching Session

Registration is closed.

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