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About WisdomWork

A View
Who We Are

Donald Gerard, MA, CHT

I am a certified Life Coach and a certified Hypnotherapist with an M.A. in Holistic Health Education. I have been coaching since 2003, although, in reality, I have been supporting people through transition for most of my life. In addition to my life experiences and travels to powerful spiritual vortexes in North, Central, and South America, Africa, and the Caribbean, my work is necessarily informed by my deeply transformative exploration into meditation, hypnosis, NLP, paradigms of consciousness, somatic psychotherapies, shamanism, collective dream work, various theories of the personality, and other tools for exploring one's self. In the future, I plan to do doctorate-level research at the intersection of psychology, spirituality, and consciousness studies.

Our Philosophy

Life begins to change significantly in midlife, and the vast majority of people in our society are unprepared for all of the emotional and spiritual challenges that come with their new reality.

At WisdomWork Coaching, we believe that life is a continuous psycho-spiritual growth process and that the challenges you face are a form of initiation and rites of passage. From this perspective, we approach your challenges as opportunities for you to consciously engage in a natural growth process that ultimately serves as an initiation into the next phase of your life.

Our Coaching Approach

From the coaching perspective, we engage you in the following three-step process:

1) Clarity - Establish clear goals and determine who and what you want and need to be, do, and have.

2) Alignment - Create an action plan that is ecological with your environment, embraces your skills, abilities, and gifts, and is in alignment with your values, beliefs, identity, and purpose.

3) Flow - Navigate and work through the inner and outer obstacles that you encounter on the path to your goal.

By supporting you through your current challenges, we believe that we are also helping you become exactly who you need to be now and in the next phase of your life.

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