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Life Areas

Rock Balancing
As someone with a significant amount of life experience, most of the challenges you are now facing probably fall into one or more of the following three categories: Relationships, Wellness, and Lifestyle.
Explore the following life areas to help you determine where to begin your coaching journey:

Many relationships necessarily start to change significantly in midlife.  Begin with this life area if you are experiencing any of the following intimate, familial, or social relationship changes: 


  • Intimate relationship challenges include discord or conflict with current partner(s), separation, divorce, grieving the death of a spouse, and navigating the shifting landscape of dating and mating in midlife. 

  • Familial relationship challenges include shifting relationships with adult children or siblings, dealing with an ex, grieving the death of a family member, unexpected care-giving responsibilities for a family member, the complexities of blending families and households, empty nesting, and living with parents or adult children. 

  • Social relationship challenges include loss of meaningful connections due to change in your residence, work status, or relationship status as well as waning opportunities for meaningful social connections. 


You also may need to focus on your relationships first if you are feeling isolated, lonely, unwanted, unloved, taken for granted, ignored, invisible, unacknowledged, unseen, unheard, unappreciated, unsatisfied, unattractive, neglected, useless, abandoned, oppressed, trapped, confined, confused, hopeless, or out of sync.


Wellness is about your life force energy.  As you move into and through midlife, your body naturally begins to change. Begin with this life area if your physical, emotional, or mental health needs are beginning to significantly impact your life.


Health and wellness challenges include a noticeable drop in life force energy due to chronic illness, debilitating injury, depression, grieving, paranoia, unexplained anger, menopause, spiritual crisis, and normal limitations and complications due to aging.


You may need to focus on health and wellness first if you are feeling stuck, out of sync, limited, confined, isolated, confused, angry, sad, depressed, frustrated, misunderstood, helpless, hopeless, dependent, out of control, stigmatized, unattractive, low energy, tired, or just plain crappy all the time. 


Work and finances directly impact lifestyle, and, as you move through midlife, your lifestyle necessarily begins to adjust significantly.  Perhaps, unexpected changes in your work or personal life have created a financial strain that has begun to propagate out into the rest of your life. Or maybe you're having second thoughts about your estate planning decisions.  Begin here if you have any uncertainty about your ability to prepare for your future or if you are rethinking your estate plans.


Work, finances, and lifestyle challenges include relocation, unexpected financial responsibilities, unemployment, retirement, age discrimination, outdated knowledge and skill sets, job search confusion, not being current with business technology, or equitable estate planning.  


You may need to focus on work, finances, and lifestyle if you are feeling confused, outdated, stuck, frustrated, stressed, anxious, worried, unprepared, overwhelmed, lost, useless, unappreciated, invisible, abandoned, pigeonholed, or disrespected.


Not Exactly Sure Where to Begin

Life never fits into a neat little box; so determining where to begin may take more than a simple drill-down exercise. If you want to use a more intuitive process, or if your most pressing challenge is not in any of the above life areas, or if you have challenges in two or more life areas, or if this whole process is just a bit confusing or overwhelming, then this is where you begin.


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