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What Makes You Angry?

What makes you angry? What can someone do that really gets your goat? Ignore the clearly posted rules in a public space? Enjoy a nice summer day at the park? Be openly happy for no perceptible reasons?

I've known people for whom discontent was their normal state of being; they were just angry with the world and contentious all the time. I'm sure you know the type; they seem to walk around with a chip on their shoulder, always looking for a fight.

Underneath the tough exterior, however, is always someone who probably had to fight to survive as a child and is deathly afraid of being vulnerable. For them, the worst feeling in the world is powerlessness, and the quickest, easiest way to feel powerful is to wield their privilege in public with someone who they believe has less power.

In other words, anger directed outward is a protective response; it can make one feel strong and often protects one from feeling sadness, guilt, or shame. In my experience, anger directed outward is quite often a reflection of some aspect of self that had to be suppressed or rejected in order for the person to survive.

Do you feel angry all the time and don't know why? Do you feel like your life is out of control? Do you find yourself in public spaces policing strangers who are minding their own business? Could you use a good listener and a fresh, unbiased perspective to help sort things out?

Let's talk it out.


WisdomWork is deep work; it is soul work. It is about taking a long, unbiased look at the meaning of your life, determining what is important now and what you no longer need, working through your shadows, updating your goals, and moving forward with clarity and alignment.

WisdomWork is not for everyone. Is it for you?

To learn more about how WisdomWork Coaching can support you, please schedule a free, exploratory consultation.

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