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Just Do It.

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

"Just Do It."

When Nike coined the famous slogan in 1988, the intention behind the simple but powerful phrase was to motivate athletes - and everyone else - to stop thinking about exercising and talking about exercising and just exercise. But sometimes doing it is much easier said than done.

Just. Do. It.

In the last 20 years, as a life coach, I've spoken to many men, young and old, who are all suffering emotionally because, even if they have the emotional awareness to know what they need to do, they never learned how to embody, experience, and communicate the full range of their emotions. Instead, they just end up holding it all in. For many of them, I am the first man to create the space for them talk about their thoughts and feelings without fear of having their manhood questioned.

Just Do It?

As the film "The Mask You Live In" so clearly illustrated, the social environment created by America's narrow and unhealthy definition of masculinity makes it almost impossible for boys and young men to stay true to themselves emotionally. And by the time they reach adulthood, most men have so much armor that our range of emotional expression is maybe five emotions, at best. What we need to relearn is how to connect with, experience, and express our feelings in the present moment. Yes, much easier said than done. It may even require us to adopt a lifelong practice.

Just Do It...

"If you are in situation where you can do this safely, simply take a moment and slowly take in a full, deep breath... to the count of 8... and as you slowly exhale to the count of 8... imagine that you are releasing the energy of whatever you no longer need to be holding in this present moment... And as you continue to breathe... easily and effortlessly... simply notice... how... with every exhalation.... you feel lighter... and more relaxed..."


Stop holding it all in, that is. Instead, do the healthy thing and just have regular conversations with someone about your thoughts and feelings. I give you my guarantee that you will feel better.

Oh, and while you're at it, practice mindfulness, too.


WisdomWork is deep, soul work. It is about taking a long, unbiased look at the meaning of your life, determining what is important now and what you no longer need, working through and embracing your shadows, updating your goals, and moving forward with clarity and alignment.

WisdomWork is not for everyone. Is it for you?

To learn more about how WisdomWork Coaching can support you, please schedule a free, exploratory consultation.


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